Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jarost Marksa - We The People


Russian black metal that sides with the red banner. Communist anthems with vocals that sound like a forest dwelling dwarf spitting up dirt.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bone Awl - Not For Our Feet


Raw black metal from CA's Bone Awl. I just bought this 12" (originally released as a cassette) and it's sick. This band has a lot of releases and they are all good. I'll try to post more when I get the chance.

leave you here

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Broski - Jortch


I don't know if this band plays anymore, but Broski are/were an instrumental band from the Lehigh Valley, PA. I would say this is "math rock", but don't dismiss it because of this, as it's probably the only band of this kin that I care/d about around here. The 2-piece guitar and drum combo sounds great. It is simple and enjoyable music, although the music itself is carried by complex mathy riffs that set nice tones. Moods: triumphant, nostalgic, warm.

get squidless

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Vile Nation - No Exit


Quick thrasher from Memphis-based Vile Nation. I think they use the same drum beat in every song, which is awesome. 6 hardcore punk songs.

don't miss it

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SQRM - Fuck To Survive

fuck to survive

Nasty hardcore. Tight riffs. Fuck to survive. Link stolen.

cum inside

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Panty Waste - My Mind...Maybe

my mind

Panty Waste were 3 fine young gentlemen from Altoona, PA, who played pop punk. They even cover a Descendents song on here, so you know that it's in the good style of the genre. Go find their myspace page for tons of almost child porn. Nathan Burns is legendary around these parts. I read them a bedtime story once. This is their only official recorded output in their short existence, and it's a shame they broke up.

your mind maybe

Saturday, December 12, 2009

deHUMANized - Problems First

problemz first

deHUMANized were from New Jersey, and released this album on New Red Archives. I don't know too much about this band, since they are pretty much unknown. I got this CD a few years ago at a show in a bin of free CDs, but if I would've known how good it was, I would've offered to pay money for it. Great oldschool hardcore punk that flew way the fuck under the radar when it was released. Think unrelentless drumming with twangy, catchy guitar parts. I don't think you can find this anywhere else.

fuck you where's my brew

Friday, December 11, 2009

Amps For Christ - The People At Large


A 23-track psychedelic/noise/gypsy folk platter that includes ex-members of Man Is The Bastard and Soddamn Inssein. The name is stupid, but the music is very enjoyable. You'll go from a gentle poem to an oscillating noise assault within seconds. This post is for Dan.

use use use

Weekend Nachos - Torture


I have heard some people hate on this band, but I can't see how they could if they've listened to this record. It has all of the things that make for a good powerviolence experience. Good riffs, sludgy crawls towards bursts of speed, cookie monster vocals, and only two songs over a minute in length. Weekend Nachos' other records sadly aren't at this level, but they are still pretty good. This is the one you want though.

kill everyone in dimension x

Bongzilla - Amerijuanican


I'm sure you can guess what this sounds like. Bongzilla is a sludgy stoner/doom metal whatever band. Musically they sound like Sleep, but the vocals are gnarlier. The artwork is also great of course.

get high

Black Flag - Slip It In

slip it in

This is one of the more overlooked albums in the Black Flag catalog, and definitely one of the best. You should already know.

slip it on in

Assholeparade - Welcome Fucking Home


Legendary powerviolence band is back with this 7" that came out in August. That same month (and on my birthday) they played around where I live, and it was a blast. One of the best shows of the summer. This new shit fits right in with their old stuff.

much preesh

Thursday, December 10, 2009



A noisy raw black metal mess from NY. It is chaos. I don't know much else about this. If anyone has anything else by them (if it exists), leave me a comment.


California Love - Reaping The Whirlwind

cali love

Ripping powerviolence from California that is named after a 2Pac song, with members of Look Back And Laugh. They are heavier than that band though. This is their second LP I think, with 10 crushing songs. It is pissed.

reap the whirlwind